To earn a high school diploma from West Town Academy, students must: 

· Maintain an academic GPA of 2.0 (or higher) 

· Complete one semester residency in the school 

· Complete 18 high school credits including 4.0 English, 2.0 Math, 1.0 Algebra, 1.0 science, 1.0 Biology, 1.0 credit in Social Science, 1.0 credit in US History w/Civics **Civics must be taken for a semester (transfer credit from another school) or be integrated into a course that is taken for a semester. WTA integrates civics into our US History course, 1.0 Credit in Art, Music, Foreign Language, or Vocational, 1.0 credit Physical Education, 0.5 credits in Senior seminar, 4.5 Elective credits

· Complete 40 hours of community service 

· Pass the Illinois and United States Constitution Test (PL 195) and complete consumer education requirements 

· Show academic progress on standardized tests equal to at least as many months of advancement in math and language arts as they spent at West Town Academy 

· Score a minimum of 10th grade Math and Reading level on the STAR test 

· Complete a Senior Portfolio. 

· Write a resume and compose a College Essay 

· Complete a “FAFSA” – a college financial aid application 

· Complete 2 college applications or 2 job applications and have 2 college acceptance letters or 2 job acceptance letters 

· SAT Examination 

Students who meet the above requirements will be awarded a high school diploma and graduate from West Town Academy. Students who have completed four consecutive quarters at West Town Academy will be eligible to become West Town Academy’s Valedictorian or Salutatorian. 

Those who do not complete the above standards will not be considered graduates of West Town Academy, but may still receive support services, if the student is in good standing insofar as their behavior is concerned. 

Course Credit Policy: 

West Town Academy requires students to earn a minimum of 18 credits to graduate. WTA provides three block periods and one traditional period in our scheduling; as such, students are awarded 0.5 credits per block course every quarter for every course in which students earn a passing grade (a “C”, and meet subject requirements in line with the State of Illinois). In the traditional class, students will earn 0.25 credits per quarter. Additionally, students will receive 0.25 credits for their participation in Life Skills (homeroom). Students will be able to earn 4.5 credits per semester and 9.0 credits per year. 


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